Date:  January 10, 2018

Guidelines for FY19 APS and AOSI Grants

AOSII Grant applications will not be accepted again until 2019.

APS Guidelines

AOSI Guidelines


Date:  January 13, 2017

Guidelines for APS, AOSI, and AOSII Grants.

APS_Guidlines-Region 8



Date:  December 22, 2016

Arts Commission announces letter of intent deadline for Arts Organization Support grants     

(Indianapolis, Indiana) – The Indiana Arts Commission (IAC) announced today that a “letter of intent to apply” is required for all organizations desiring to apply for Fiscal Year 2018 Arts Organization Support (AOS I, II, III) grant funding.

Organizations must complete a notice of intent to apply form by 4:30 p.m. (EST) January 18, 2017. The letter of intent to apply can be accessed through the IAC’s new online grant system found at:

Those new to the system will need to create a profile, select the program to which they would like to apply and select “apply” to access the letter of intent.

The letter of intent form reflects revised eligibility guidelines for arts organization support grants which require organizations to provide year-round arts activities and arts as their core mission, purpose, and focus of the applicant organization. Changes in the grant guidelines impact Arts Organization Support (AOS) I, II, and III for Fiscal Year 2018 (July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018).

“The programs and services of the Indiana Arts Commission are constantly under review by our commissioners to insure we are maximizing the impact of grant funds, producing public arts benefits for our citizens,” said Lewis C. Ricci, IAC Executive Director. “The refined eligibility guidelines for Arts Organization Support grants will sharpen the focus of IAC operating support for organizations which are primarily arts organizations at their core, and thereby produce pervasive public arts benefit on a consistent and continuous basis.”

Examples of qualifying organizations would be arts producing, arts promoting, arts presenting, artists services, or arts teaching organizations. The organizations must be a private, nonprofit, tax-exempt status 501 (c) (3) from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

To locate guidelines for these grant programs, access the IAC website at

The Indiana Arts Commission is dedicated to the vision of the arts everywhere, every day, for everyone in Indiana.

Date: September 2, 2016

A Closer Look

The Indiana Arts Commission (IAC), on behalf of the people of Indiana, advocates engagement with the arts to enrich the quality of individual and community life.    The IAC encourages the presence of the arts in communities of all sizes while promoting artistic quality and expression.  The IAC advocates arts development opportunities across the state, and stewards effective use of public and private resources for the arts. It stimulates public interest in, and participation with, Indiana’s diverse arts resources and cultural heritage.

The IAC supports local access to arts services and funding opportunities through the Regional Arts Partnership program.  The state is divided into 12 regions and a Regional Arts Partner is responsible for delivering IAC services throughout their region via Regional Initiative Grants. The Brown County Community Foundation is the Region 8 Arts Partner and in FY16 supported 19 arts organizations though this grant program awarding a total of $114,554.

The IAC goal is to award grant to encourage arts exposure in all counties and gives a preference to rural counties which are defined as having a population of less than 50,000 as well as counties with per capita income below the Indiana average of $39,578.   In FY16;

  • 38% of Indiana’s population live in rural counties.
  • 29% of arts activities with IAC funding happened in rural counties.
  • 25% of IAC grants awarded were awarded to rural counties.
  • 50% of Indiana’s population earns below the state average income.
  • 58% of IAC arts activities happened in counties that on average earn below the Indiana average income.
  • 50% of IAC grants were awarded to counties that on average earn below Indiana’s average income.

Because grantees are using their grants to service counties other than their own, they are drastically reducing the access gap in rural counties that on average earn less than Indiana’s average per capita income.  We think that is kind of a big deal!

FY17 Region 8 Grantees with county of origin are:

  • Lotus Education & Arts Foundation – Monroe
  • Cardinal Stage – Monroe
  • BCT Management – Monroe
  • Bloomington Playwrights Project – Monroe
  • Bloomington Symphony Orchestra – Monroe
  • Windfall Dancers – Monroe
  • Brown County Art Guild – Brown
  • Shawnee Theater of Greene County – Greene
  • Brown County Playhouse – Brown
  • Sculpture Trail – Owen
  • Orange County/First Chance – Orange
  • Morgan County Concerts – Morgan
  • Hoosier Uplands Economic Development – Lawrence
  • Stages Bloomington – Monroe
  • Wonderlab Museum –  Monroe
  • Shoals Community Schools – Martin
  • Friends of TC Steele – Brown
  • Area 10 Council on Aging – Monroe

Date: December 14, 2015

Regional Initiative Grant Guidelines Available

Date: July 2015
Arts Commission announces new Regional Arts
Partner for Region Eight

(Indianapolis, Indiana) – The Indiana Arts Commission (IAC) and the Brown County
Community Foundation announced today that the Nashville-based nonprofit began serving
as Regional Arts Partner for the IAC’s Region 8 effective July 1, 2015.
“We are eager to have the Brown County Community Foundation represent the Commission
and serve the cultural needs in Region 8,” said Lewis C. Ricci, IAC Executive Director. “This
region of the state has a very high concentration of artists, arts organizations, and cultural
programming providers. We are confident they will be well served by the partnership.”
Region 8 includes: Brown, Greene, Lawrence, Martin, Monroe, Morgan, Orange, and Owen
“The Brown County Community Foundation is honored to have been chosen to be the new
Indiana Arts Commission Region 8 Arts Partner,” said Larry Pejeau, CEO of the Brown
County Community Foundation. “The Board of Trustees has committed the organization’s
discretionary grant dollars to support four areas of focus: early childhood education, the
environment, health and wellness, and arts and cultural preservation. Expanding our ability
to award state funded grant dollars to artists and arts organizations throughout the region
is a natural fit for Brown County’s long and storied arts traditions. We welcome this
opportunity to increase awareness of the importance of arts to our communities, our
commitment to arts grant support and to advocating for increased arts funding.”
Regional Arts Partner organizations must be nonprofit or public organizations that meet IAC
criteria for providing services to multiple counties in their geographic region. Organizations
are awarded a grant to meet key service delivery in their regions. The IAC’s network of
Regional Arts Partners annually provide grants to more than 300 community-based arts
organizations and cultural programming providers statewide.

The selection of the Brown County Community Foundation was approved by the
Commission during its March 20, 2015 Quarterly Business Meeting in Fort Wayne, and fiscal
Year 2016 funding for all Regional Arts Partners was authorized at the June 19, 2015
Quarterly Business Meeting in Indianapolis.
The Indiana Arts Commission is dedicated to the vision of the arts everywhere, everyday,
for everyone in Indiana.

2016 IAC Region 8 Winners