2017 Competitive Unrestricted Grants

BC 4-H Council- Were awarded $5,000.00 to support 4-H Trips & Camp Scholarships.  Youth are encouraged to participate in programs and activities offered by the 4-H Program that teach leadership, life skills, teamwork, career exploration, STEM activities, community service, and healthy living.

BC Emergency Management was awarded $4,632.50 to assist with the purchasing of AED units for the Brown County Community.  These AED units will be strategically located in placed were large crowds gather.

BC Habitat for Humanity’s 2017 Habitat home will be installing an HVAC system with the grant of $6,280.00.

BC Humane Society, Inc’s  Serving Pets Outreach Team or better known as SPOT program will be purchasing a full Sized Cargo Van with the $8,500.00 grant.  The van will be used to deliver pet food, housing, and bedding to those pet owners in need.

BC Literacy Coalition promotion of literacy in the community through the Little Free Libraries, Tutoring Program, community organizations, Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library and local events.  The grant award of $1,800.00 will assist the organization to produce promotion materials.

This summer the BC Playhouse will host the musical theater Summer Camp “Rising Stars”.  The grant of $1,500.00 help the students experience and learn from professionals who have taught music, drama, and dancing for years.

BC Solid Waste Management District will be receiving $4,500.00 towards the cost of a 22 ft closed Recycling Container.  Having this container will enable the Recycle Center to switch out full containers out in the field faster thereby eliminating the problem of full containers that have to sit full for several days.

BC YMCA will enhance the Salt Creek Trail and nature enthusiasts by putting a Wetland Meadow Environmental Education Trail.  The grant of $2,057.00 towards the Meadow Trail will help increase knowledge of the environment and natural habitat in the area.

BETA will begin offering two new programs in the fall; Youth Entrepreneur Crafts and Emerging Poets & Writers Group.  A $530.00 grant will allow them to purchase an Office Printer for those programs.

BETA has been awarded a $10,000.00 Matching Grant to construct Kids on Wheels: Skate Park   in Brown County.

Centerstone of Indiana will use $1,771.24 for Educational Resources (Therapeutic Mobile Kits) to be used in BC Schools.  Centerstone provides behavioral health and addiction services for children, families and individuals in Brown County.

Clarity of South Central Indiana will use the grant for $1,000.00 to update their reception area to provide a welcoming atmosphere to their clients.

Indiana Raptor Center, Inc will purchase a Mini Barn for Raptor Housing with a grant of $2,500.00.  There has been an increase in patient intake causing a need for more housing for their birds of prey.

Keep Brown County Beautiful-.  Picture Perfect Brown County- Roadside Litter Clean-up will use $5,000.00 to clean our roads and hope, by our example, to inspire our citizens to keep their own areas clean and to realize the seriousness of our litter problem.     

Mother’s Cupboard Community Kitchen will purchase an Energy Efficient Cooler with a grant of $1,150.00.  This cooler will be for the “grab & go” items.

Nashville Farmer’s Market is in its inaugural season.  They will use a $4,000.00 grant to help the market provide the community access to locally grown produce and farm products.

Peaceful Valley Heritage Society will use $3,000.00 to Restoration of Henry Cross Tombstones throughout Brown County.

Project Play with the $1,000.00 grant they will be able to provide developmentally appropriate toys to children in Brown County.

SEED Brown County will use $2,150.00 to provide educational Workshops on local & sustainable food model.

Society of St. Vincent de Paul of BC’s $3,500.00 grant will be used to provide back to school supplies for brown county children.

South Central Indiana Communications Support Group, INC will be upgrading and expanding the amateur radio infrastructure of Brown County as part of our continuing effort to support those volunteers who provide critical emergency communications to the citizens of Brown County in the case of severe weather and other times of need with this $5,000.00 grant. This grant will help fund the purchase of modern amateur radio repeaters and associated equipment for installation in the Nashville and Spearsville areas.

St. David’s Episcopal will use the $1,000.00 grant towards their Bean Blossom Music Series.  This will bring uplifting and inspiring music to help create a stronger more vibrant community.

TRIAD will use $2,066.08 to purchase a storage shed for Medical Equipment that is needed for ongoing projects for their clients.

Women’s Resource Center’s             $1,440.46 will assist in the basement renovations.

$10,000 will also be given to Preschool Education Scholarship