COVID-19 Assistance Program

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BCCF’s COVID-19 Assistance Program through Brown County Township Trustees

The Brown County Community Foundation’s COVID-19 Assistance Program provides short-term, financial assistance to alleviate hardships caused by COVID-19 closings.  Distributed by the Brown County Township Trustees, the assistance program will provide two different types of assistance.  These include rent & utilities and medical/healthcare transportation.  This short-term financial assistance is to pay for electric, gas, water, rent expenses, medical expenses and/or transportation.

Who is eligible?

Brown County citizens who have, because of COVID-19, temporarily or permanently lost employment, and who also have limited or no other financial resources.  The application for assistance must be made through a Brown County Trustee in accordance with the Indiana State Township Assistance Guidelines and Ind. Code 12-7-2-20.5, who will be holding said monies as a Grant Fund.  The trustee will ensure that the requested/approved financial assistance will be paid to requested vendors, such as landlords, utility companies, or pharmacy and transportation facilities. This assistance will pay past and current bills, but not a future expense.

Applicants must be willing to verify they are unemployed by providing a layoff notice or termination letter.  They must also provide copies of the invoices or bills for which financial assistance is requested according to State of Indiana Township Assistance Guidelines and Ind. Code 12-7-2-20.5. All applications and supporting documents will subsequently be provided to BCCF as part of IRS expenditure responsibility expectations. The maximum allowable grant assistance per family is $500. Trustees are not expected to cover the entire need.

How Do I Apply for Assistance?

If you seek assistance, please contact your Township Trustee. Applicants must complete a one-page COVID-19 Application that is required by the State of Indiana for Township Assistance along with a notice of public law, and a consent to the disclosure of information to the township trustee.

Applicants will also need to provide copies of the current leases, invoices or bills for which financial assistance is requested, and a photo ID. Copies of all applications and billing paperwork, (with paid receipts) will be kept on file, for future auditing by the State of Indiana, with copies also going to Brown County Community Foundation when Grant has been completed.

Applications will be available from Township Trustees as follows:

Hamblen Township Trustee, Phillip Stevens (812) 474-0140

Jackson Township Trustee, Sandra K Higgins (812) 320-4564

Washington Township Trustee, Brandon Magner (812) 720-1439

Van Buren Township Trustee, Vicki Payne (812) 988-4019