LEAF seeks to deepen understanding of community roots, foster a sense of belonging, and cultivate a spirit of gratitude in our local youth. Through LEAF, our participants will be paired with a mentor for the duration of each term. to encourage exploration and creation of their community heritage around them.

We have two options for our youth to choose from:

|   Artist Mentorship   |

Paired with a local artisan, youth will be able to interact in an apprentice style setting to learn the artist’s craft and see firsthand the joys of creative entrepreneurship in our town. Youth in our artist mentorships will also be eligible to apply through a grant-like process for a stipend to construct a creative project with their mentor.

|   Philanthropy Mentorship   |

Through our non-profit program, youth will receive an inner look at the non-profit organization and aid in the volunteering and fundraising efforts of our cherished charities. At the close of the term youth will have the opportunity to reflect on their experience and share their organization through a community project.

Ready to join us? Click on the button below that best describes you. We’ll contact you to schedule an application interview  to get to know more about you and which artist or organization will be the best fit for you and the community!

|   LEAF behind a legacy for tomorrow through the youth of today   |

Dates for the Upcoming Term

Applications Open April 20th

Applications Close  July 26th

Start of the Upcoming Term September 1st, 2019

End of Upcoming Term May 31st, 2020