Planned Giving Testimonials

Twenty years ago while in our late 40s, we moved from the Chicago suburbs to Brown County because we thought it would be a nice area to raise our children and a bucolic setting where we might like to retire someday.  Shortly thereafter we were invited to establish an endowment at the relatively new Brown County Community Foundation, which we did, although with little real knowledge or appreciation of the Foundation.  Ten years later, while in the process of updating our estate plan and wills, we recognized the importance of the BCCF to the community and, after meeting family needs, included the Foundation as a beneficiary for a portion of our estaMike & Jaydenete upon our death.  Today we appreciate even more the value of the BCCF to the well-being of Brown County.  Over this period our original endowment has tripled in value while also having provided annual financial support to several area non-profits.  We are thankful for the service, integrity, and stewardship of the BCCF in serving the community and the opportunity for us to support its mission in some small way during our lives and thereafter.~Mike & Jaydene Laros