Our Statement and Commitment to Fight Racism

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We support the international movement to fight police violence and systemic racism in our country.  We believe Black lives matter. Do all lives matter?  Yes, but right now we are talking about Black lives and the violence and racism we have witnessed repeatedly our entire lives.   We believe it is wrong, that it cannot continue, and we ask that each of you reading this embrace it as a call for empathy and action. There is much to learn and much to discuss as we move forward as a country and as a community.  This is the time to heal longstanding wounds in the fabric of our nation.

Will it be uncomfortable?  Yes.

Will it happen immediately? No, but every step we take is one step closer to an equitable future.

We are playing an active part in building a coalition surrounding the issue of diversity and inclusion in Brown County.  For our organization, and the entire county, we are examining systems, policies, and procedures to fight systemic racism.  We are asking important questions of our government, first responders, schools, non-profits, businesses, and those in positions of leadership across the community.  We do this with recognition that the future strength of our organization and our community rests firmly on its commitment to value, respect, and embrace the richness of a diverse citizenry.

Lasting change starts with the words and actions of the people in your circle.  Our circle is Brown County.  We acknowledge that racism remains a problem within Brown County.  As such, we have an obligation to pursue a just and equitable county for our residents, guests, and employees.  We ask you to join us in this work as we educate ourselves and help to bring about positive change.

Brown County Community Foundation Board of Trustees