Leading Brown County is the revised Brown County Vision 2020: A Vision for the Future that was updated August 2014

Click here for the document Leading Brown County 2014

Leading Brown County–BC2020 Update PowerPoint Presentation


Brown County Vision 2020: A Vision for the Future [pdf] is a publication that was created in 2009 from a community planning process that included input from over 500 county residents. The planning process was led by a partnership between the League of Women Voters, the Brown County Partnership, the Purdue Extension, and the Brown County government. The nine focus areas that were assess and covered by this report include: Community and Economic Development, Infrastructure, Environment, Family and Services, Health, Safety, Arts and History, Education, and Housing.

If you would like to learn how you can get involved or obtain more information about Vision 2020, contact the Brown County Community Foundation.


In 2007, the Brown County Community Foundation and the Brown County Partnership conducted a Needs and Assets Assessment (click here to view the assessment survey results summary [pdf]) to help guide its decisions regarding the prioritization of financial and other institutional resources. The assessment was also meant to provide information that could be used by other local groups when prioritizing services, preparing grant proposals, developing further research, etc. The information gather about the community could also be used by local decision makers as they plan and implement strategies and projects. The 2007 assessment efforts resulted in the creation of The 2008 Brown County Needs Assessment [pdf]. To view a full copy of the 2008 Assessment, please visit the BCCF office. The information that was revealed through this assessment inspired another large effort from community leaders to create a vision plan for the future.