Ways to Give

Virtually any asset of value can be given to the Community Foundation. A simple, convenient way may be by donating money, securities, personal property or real property to the Community Foundation to receive maximum tax advantages.


We stand ready to assist you in any or all of the above charitable giving arrangements. Remember, a gift to a Brown County Community Foundation endowment never stops giving.


Here are some basic facts about charitable giving and the types of gifts that donors may wish to consider:

Outright Gifts

Cash, securities, closely held stock and real estate are considered outright gifts.



These gifts, identical to outright gifts, are bequeathed to the Brown County Community Foundation and can be made without being subjected to estate taxes.


Life Insurance

By naming the Foundation as the irrevocable owner and beneficiary of a life insurance policy, a donor is entitled to an immediate tax deduction on the cash value of the policy, with future premiums paid by the donor being deductible as charitable gifts.


Charitable Remainder Trust

This gift enables the donor to provide a lifetime income for himself or a family member, with the remainder then passing to the Foundation.


Charitable Lead Trust

The Foundation is the beneficiary of trust income for a limited term, after which it returns to other beneficiaries such as children.


Memorial and Tribute Gifts

These honor the memory of a deceased person or in honor of living persons as generous testimonials to their achievements.


Private Foundation Transfers

A donor who established a private foundation but for some reason, such as administrative costs, may want to terminate it, might consider transferring the private foundation’s assets into a component fund of the Brown County Community Foundation.

The assets then retain identity in a distinct fund, but take on the advantages of a public charity. Plus, there is satisfaction in knowing that a permanent fund is in place to administer the donor’s legacy for generations to come.




For any but the simplest type of gift, the Community Foundation recommends that donors consult their attorneys, tax advisors or estate planners.

For additional information or to arrange a consultation, please contact the Foundation office.

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