The Brown County Community Foundation offers a variety of easy ways for you to provide continued support for organizations and causes you feel the most passionate about, both in real time and long after you are gone.  


How does it work? Your donation is invested within our $14 million dollar endowment pool and the earnings on your fund (dividends & interest) are distributed annually as grants and/or scholarships. By not spending down the principal investment, we ensure your donation continues to grow and serve Brown County, forever. BCCF will work with you to develop your legacy and ensure your wishes are fulfilled in perpetuity. You can view our gift acceptance policy  by clicking here.  


Giving and Investing

Virtually any asset of value can be given to the Community Foundation. A simple, convenient way may be by donating money, securities, personal property or real property to the Community Foundation to receive maximum tax advantages.


We stand ready to assist you in any or all of your charitable giving arrangements. Remember, a gift to a Brown County Community Foundation endowment never stops giving.

Here are some basic facts about charitable giving and the types of gifts that donors may wish to consider:



Cash, securities, closely held stock and real estate are considered outright gifts.



These gifts, identical to outright gifts, are bequeathed to the Brown County Community Foundation and can be made without being subjected to estate taxes.



By naming the Foundation as the irrevocable owner and beneficiary of a life insurance policy, a donor is entitled to an immediate tax deduction on the cash value of the policy, with future premiums paid by the donor being deductible as charitable gifts.



This gift enables the donor to provide a lifetime income for himself or a family member, with the remainder then passing to the Foundation.



The Foundation is the beneficiary of trust income for a limited term, after which it returns to other beneficiaries such as children.



These honor the memory of a deceased person or in honor of living persons as generous testimonials to their achievements.



A donor who established a private foundation but for some reason, such as administrative costs, may want to terminate it, might consider transferring the private foundation’s assets into a component fund of the Brown County Community Foundation.


The assets then retain identity in a distinct fund but take on the advantages of a public charity. Plus, there is satisfaction in knowing that a permanent fund is in place to administer the donor’s legacy for generations to come.


For any but the simplest type of gift, the Community Foundation recommends that donors consult their attorneys, tax advisors or estate planners. For additional information or to arrange a consultation, please contact the Foundation office.


New Funds

It is easy to establish your own named charitable fund and it can be done in less than a day. Working with a member of our staff, and your financial advisor if you choose, you will take these simple steps:


1. First, determine your charitable purpose or intent.


2. Select the type of charitable fund that best supports your purpose. Our staff will outline your options and discuss advantages of each. See our Fund Descriptions for some brief information about the various types of funds that we offer.


3. Complete a simple governing document. Our staff will help you to complete a document that makes your intentions clear.


4. Select a name for your fund. You can use your name, that of a family member, the name of a favorite cause, or choose a name that allows you to remain anonymous.


5. Depending on the type of fund you establish, you may designate current fund advisors such as yourself and spouse, and successor advisors such as your children. This information will be included in your governing document.


6. Make an establishing gift.


7. Receive a tax deduction at the time the fund is established and when additional contributions are made to the fund.


Once your fund is established you can:

1. Add to the fund at any time in any dollar amount.
2. Specify how grant disbursements are to be acknowledged – whether in the name of the fund or anonymously.
3. If you’ve established a donor advised fund you may recommend distributions to charities.


Types of Funds

These funds support our annual grant cycle and enable the community foundation to support long-term solutions; respond quickly to emergencies; and meet changing social, cultural, educational, or environmental needs in our local community. Unlike other funds that are established to support specific causes, with an unrestricted gift you make no recommendations on how these funds are to be used, entrusting those decisions to our grants committee and the Foundation’s Board of Trustees. 

This “charitable checking account” is designed exclusively to invest, grow, and give assets to charities for meaningful and lasting impact. You donate assets into a DAF and, when you’re ready, recommend a grant to any charity you care about. Some people call it a giving vehicle, while others call it a philanthropic fund. We call it the most convenient, tax-efficient way to give back.
A designated fund allows you to create permanent income for an organization of your choice in Brown County, or elsewhere, and ensures your support can grow and live on after your lifetime. With a designated endowment fund, not-for-profit organizations and their supporters can establish a permanent endowment fund to support the charity in perpetuity. The earnings on these funds will be annually distributed to the cause or organization you choose when you start the fund.
A field of interest fund creates a resource in perpetuity to support the causes you care about, such as the arts, education, health and human services, or the environment. Our staff directs support to the best charitable organizations within your assigned interest area. For example, if you were to create a fund to support arts education, the BCCF board might distribute those funds to an after-school arts program or another organization deemed credible and deserving.
Our scholarships can be designed for students, at any stage of life, who are planning to attend a variety of school types, including traditional colleges and universities as well as vocational/trade/technical schools. We help you develop the selection criteria and administer the entire process. From creating and distributing applications, to choosing recipients and disbursing funds, we make it easy for you to create a scholarship fund.


Find Existing Funds

For a comprehensive list of all of our existing grants, or to view an manage your grant, use the button below to access our donation portal through Community Suite. 


Plan Your Gift

Write Your Will

Use will planning as an opportunity to decide what type of legacy gift best suits your estate planning goals. 

Life Insurance

By naming the Foundation as the irrevocable owner and beneficiary of a life insurance policy, a donor is entitled to an immediate tax deduction on the cash value of the policy, with future premiums paid by the donor being deductible as charitable gifts. 

Charitable Bequest

You can bequest a certain dollar amount, a particular percentage, or certain property. This is the most popular form of charitable bequests. Indeed, gifts of specific properties to charity may be uniquely appropriate bequests, both for tax and personal reasons.


Trusts have become an increasingly important tool in estate planning, especially in the field of charitable giving. Individuals form different types of trusts to:

  • Avoid probate administration
  • Secure income, gift and estate tax savings
  • Decrease gross estate size
  • Assure preservation of wealth and to protect assets from creditors
  • Diminish asset management responsibilities
  • Control disposition of assets to beneficiaries


Del Newkirk Society


In 2001, BCCF Board of Trustees established the Del Newkirk Society. With great affection and appreciation, it was named in honor of one of our founders and former volunteer Executive Director, Del Newkirk. The Del Newkirk Society has been established to recognize those who, like Del and his wife Letty, wish to remember the Brown County Community Foundation and ensure its mission continues in perpetuity. All members of the society have included the Brown County Community Foundation in their planned gifts.

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