The Brown County Community Foundation has the best interests of the community at heart. We are concerned with many different areas affecting the wellbeing of people who live and work here. By supporting charitable organizations in broad are-as of community need – education, social services, health care, arts and humanities, and environment – we help build a stronger, healthier Brown County.


In past years we have funded grants supporting the arts and humanities, education, social services, health, and the environment. We support charitable organizations that include a broad range of community needs to help build a stronger and healthier Brown County.  In 2016 the BCCF Board of Trustees identified four community initiatives toward which they will focus organizational granting and where we feel we can have the most impact: childhood education, environment, health and wellness and arts and culture.


Grants shall be made for specific requests under broad areas of interest. The current BCCF grant focus areas are defined as childhood education, environment, health and wellness and arts and culture. Preference will be given to grant re-quests that support BCCF Board of Trustees’ current identified community initiative focus area(s).


Applying for grants

In 2020, BCCF distributed community grants totaling over $87,000 to 17 local non-profits and charitable entities.  Overall, we distributed over $1 million in grants and scholarships to Brown County in 2020.  


In past years, we have funded grants supporting the focus areas of arts and humanities, education, social services, health and the environment. New in 2021, we are adding the interest area of “housing”, after working with Regional Opportunity Initiative on a county housing study in addition to a quality of place and workforce attraction plan.  We support charitable organizations that include a broad range of community needs in order to help build a stronger and healthier Brown County. 


Grant applications are available in February. Applications are due in mid-March, with decisions announced in late June. For more information, contact the Brown County Community Foundation at 812-988-4882.  


2021 Applications were due by March 12 at 4:00 pm.


2020 Grantee Summary

Indiana University Tutor Program



This request covers two program elements: 1) an IU student intern to assist in further developing their tutoring/mentoring program for elementary and intermediate school children by providing outreach to various IU academic departments and student organizations to initiate and develop relationships that attract IU students to the tutoring program; and 2) fund partial development of a phone application to streamline communications and scheduling.

Permanent Collection Management



To hire a Graduate-level Museum Studies intern for two semesters who will provide the professional attention that is required to adequately care for the priceless Marie Goth archive. The Brown County Art Guild’s permanent collection of paintings represents a rare and irreplaceable gift from Marie Goth and the Art Colony of the Midwest era.  By helping to preserve and catalog these paintings, its invaluable legacy will live on for future generations.

Biodegradable Containers



Mother’s Cupboard is striving to be environmentally conscious by stopping their use of styrofoam containers.  Earlier this year, Mother’s Cupboard received $11,000 from the women of The Fabulous 50 Circle of Care to purchase a supply of biodegradable take-out food trays that will last for two years. The BCCG grant will extent this work to biodegradable take-out bowls and lids, allowing them to send more diverse food offerings home with their clients. 

Youth Area Revitalization

$1,140- Game Activities/Equipment


Part of the local Salvation Army, 4Twelve strives to provide a location that is a fun and safe place for youth to hang out and experience, learn and grow. They provide positive role models for kids and encourage positive relationships with other youth, family, and with members of their communities. The BCCF grant will help provide fun indoor activities like table tennis and air hockey. 

Replacement of North Pen 4-Cage Housing Complex



Winner of last year’s Environmental Leadership Award, the Indiana Raptor Center cared for 178 raptors in 2019 and provided public and educational institutions/organizations with over 100 live bird programs and facility tours. The BCCF grant will help pay for a four-cage step-up rehabilitation complex and a large eagle cage that are in need of rebuilding after 15 years of use, weathering, and repair.  This project will allow the Raptor Center to continue operating at capacity and with safety while they fulfill their mission of rehabilitating injured and orphaned wild raptors native to south-central Indiana.

Dumpster Days



The need for our community to have a designated place to dump solid waste became apparent to the group last June during their first Dumpster Days even where they collected 19.2 tons of trash in 8 dumpsters, 4 tons of electronics, and and a significant amount of recyclable scrap metal.  Brown County no longer has a landfill and many residents collect trash, furniture, old appliances on their property in lieu of a proper dump site. It’s also common for these items to end up in ravines and along roadsides. With this grant KBCB will hold another Dumpster Day where they expect to see a similar big response to this service.

2020 Back to School Program



SVDP operates the largest distribution program in the County where furniture, appliances, clothing, blankets, and household goods may be donated for our vulnerable Brown County families. This grant supports their Back to School Program which provides $60 vouchers to each school age child whose family receives food and other items at the St. Vincent de Paul food pantry/warehouse. They redeem the vouchers at Walmart for shoes, socks, underwear, and back to school supplies.  Each family must qualify under federal & state income guidelines for the US Department of Agriculture TEFAP program.  Currently, there are approximately 340 eligible school-aged children and youth being served by the food pantry.

Dementia Bundle Program



Thrive Alliance, in partnership with Indiana Family and Social Services Administration, Indiana University, and the Division of Aging  will design, implement, and evaluate home and community based services to help people with Alzheimer’s Disease, related Dementia’s, and their caregivers. The grant will help provide a full time Dementia Care Coordinator shared in approximately 3 counties (Bartholomew, Brown, and Jackson) to be hired by Thrive Alliance to develop crisis plans, monitor support groups, and weekly respite care. Currently in Brown County, it is estimated that 977 individuals are experiencing dementia, 39 of which are currently being served by Thrive Alliance in home care management. Based on state trends, it is estimated that Brown County will rank third in the number of individuals experiencing some form of dementia. This grant represents year one of a three-year commitment to this program. 

Equipment Upgrade



In the last ten years, the Brown County Hour (BCH) has grown from a bimonthly show to a monthly program. They have a growing body of listeners in 42 states and 11 countries. This grant will provide equipment to modernize their production studio and double the BCH’s capacity to create programming on their podcast channels. Brown County Hour is both educational and entertaining while promoting the beauty and hospitality of our Brown County hills. Updating their studio equipment will provide the resources they need to create more content, continue to grow their Internet/podcast audience, and promote Brown County to the world.

CRC Jail Literacy Program

$10,000.00 + A $5,000 1:1 Matching Grant


The CRC Jail Literacy Program is designed to give the inmates at the Brown County Jail an opportunity to obtain their High School Equivalency, increase their math and literacy skills for college/ work preparation programs. In addition to the math and literacy lessons, a career coach will work with each enrolled inmate to provide services such as individual goal writing, resume writing, strength assessments, career interest surveys, and employability skill lessons.

Playground Peagravel



Brown County Head Start serves low income families with children ages 3-5. This grant will help them extend their classroom to the playground, providing learning and growing opportunities outside. This environment change provides children with more ways to experience movement and improve health and wellness. The YMCA also uses the playground for summer programming as well as other community members and events. The BCCF grant comprises 24% of the total project budget. 

New Cardboard Box Truck



This grant will help BCSWMD purchase a new box truck to replace their aging 1995 IZUZU which has 200,000 miles and substantial repair bills. The truck is used for their commercial business pick-up program, allowing them to collect cardboard, plastics, glass, and scrap metal from numerous businesses in Brown County. This program has been a major catlyst for BCSWMD’s growth, now accounting for 80% of their total cardbard intake, 30% of plastic, and 10% of glass intake. Additionally, the truck is used to pick up large items that have been discarded along Brown County roads such as TV sets, mattresses and appliances.

New Animal Shelter Grooming Tub



The Brown County Humane Society is building a new animal shelter that will improve both the lives of our animals as well as the experience of visitors in our community. The new shelter will provide a healthier environment for animals, a more welcoming environment for potential adopters and a more accessible facility for our volunteers. All of these improvements will ultimately lead to more homeless animals being saved. This grant will provide BCHS with a new grooming tub. BCCF has provided over $470,000 in funds to BCHS over the last three years. 

Art-Based Therapy Program



This grant will help purchase materials to support Centerstone’s art-based therapy program which engages Brown County’s most at-risk children, adolescents, adults and seniors in an effective behavioral health care service. Art therapy is used in a number of Brown County services, including: home-based therapy and skills training, school-based services, outpatient care, family-based treatment, early childhood mental health intervention, wraparound services, health coaching, and recovery coaching. These services increase the chances that an individual will recovery from trauma, mental illness, and addiction and helps to develop the skills and hope necessary for recovery. Recently, Centerstone received a Rapid Response grant to help provide important telehealth services during the pandemic. 

Restoration of William Browning Monument & Henry Cross Tombstones in Southview Cemetery



The BCCF grant helps to continue restoration of newly discovered and historic Henry Cross carved tombstones in addition to the monument of former State Representative and Army veteran, William Browning, which currently sits in ruins. Much of the work of PVH is a gift to the county. Volunteers are not paid for their manual labor which regularly includes chainsaws, weed eaters, loppers, rakes and shovels. These grant funds are used to hire professional restoration companies when the work exceeds volunteer capabilities. There are 109 historical cemeteries in Brown County, all in need of attention. Once restored, the 12’ Browning monument will pridefully stand atop Nashville in it’s original Southview Cemetery location.

On the Road Again



On the Road Again is an annual event that provides students with clothing, hygiene items, and personal care products along with styled haircuts so that our students feel fully prepared to go back to school. At their 2019 event, they served 556 students, largely from Brown County.