Fill The Boot For First Responders

Brown County has dedicated first responders serving across the county. We want to help these great volunteers from Patriot Day to First Responders Day by partnering with the Brown County Rotary Club to FILL THE BOOT! Rotary members will be collecting donations on October 28th throughout Nashville, but you can give right here!

Donations collected will be split evenly with Brown County First Responders. These amazing people put their safety on the line to help their fellow Brown County residents. We want you to consider a gift of any amount to help these incredible first responders.  So, join us and make a donation to support our local heroes!

“Learning that Brown County departments are under-resourced has inspired us to partner with the Brown County Community Foundation in calling on every Brown County neighbor to join Karen and me in donating increments of $9.11. This is both a tribute to the 9-1-1 emergency number that ensures a first responder will be there when our health or safety is at risk – and a tribute to the first responders who raced toward danger on September 11th in New York, Washington, DC and Pennsylvania. Please provide $9.00, $91.00, $911, $9,110 or more, perhaps even as a recurring monthly gift and please remember to support First Responder Day in Brown County on October 28th.”  – John and Karen Elliott